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Quartz countertops, especially Granite Empire’s quartz countertops in Nashville,offer timeless beauty and durability to any kitchen, but to ensure their longevity, proper care is essential. Follow these expert tips to extend their lifespan and maintain their pristine appearance.

  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe your quartz countertops daily with a mild soap and water solution or a gentle household cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers that may damage the surface.
  • Protective Measures: Place coasters under hot pans and cutting boards to prevent direct contact with the quartz surface, reducing the risk of heat and scratch damage.
  • Sealant Application: Although quartz is non-porous, applying a sealant every few years adds an extra layer of protection against stains and potential water infiltration.
  • Avoid Impact: Prevent chips and cracks by avoiding dropping heavy objects on the countertops.
  • Mindful Use: Avoid using your quartz countertops as a cutting board and refrain from placing hot pots or pans directly on the surface.

By following these simple steps, you’ll not only preserve the exquisite allure of your quartz countertops, but you’ll also ensure they remain the centerpiece of your kitchen for many years to come. Visit Granite Empire to see the finest selection of quartz countertops in Nashville. Embrace the longevity secret and savor the beauty and functionality that quartz countertops bring to your home.

How to extend the life of your quartz countertops